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Gangloff, Gangloff & Pool

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  1. Choose a County
  2. Open the county claim form. ( You must have adobe acrobat reader installed on your computer, if not, click here.)
  3. You can type this form online.
  4. Important! To be filed with the county,  you must mail the original copy signed in blue ink to the clerk of the board, the address is on each claim form or you can get it from the website below.
    California Clerk of the
    Board of Supervisors for
    your county, click here.
  5. When you are finished fax or mail a copy of the form to GGP.
    Gangloff, Gangloff & Pool
    Class Action
    16600 Woodruff Ave., Suite 215
    Bellflower, CA 90706

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  7. A claim form must be filled out for each year effected.
If you do not see your county listed, please use the generic form at the bottom of the list. Go to the website just above to get the address for your county clerk of the board.
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