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DISCLAIMER: Gangloff, Gangloff & Pool (GGP) present the information contained in our website,, solely as a general guide and aid to the public. GGP’s intention is to help taxpayers determine if they may be entitled to a property tax refund or tax reduction, as a result of the recent California Superior Court declaration that the "recapturing method" of assessment practiced by the Orange County Assessor violates the California Constitution. The "recapturing method" refers to an increase real property assessments by more than 2 percent, after a previous decline in value of the same real property, without a corresponding sale, change in ownership, or new construction of the same real property. Virtually every California County assessor has utilized the same type of "recapturing method," and thus, may also have violated our State Constitution. GGP does not promise warrant, or guarantee in any manner that all information contained at our website is accurate.

The computation table assumes a tax rate of 1.05 percent. Tax rates actually used by any county assessor may vary. The computation table does not take into account the actual tax rate for any given assessment. The computation table does not take into account any of the various tax exemptions that may affect a particular taxpayer’s actual assessment. The computation table is not a promise, warranty, or guarantee that any particular taxpayer is actually entitled to receive a property tax refund in the amount computed by the table, or that the taxpayer is actually entitled to a reduction of property tax assessment.


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